First Show

Not only did the couples get to get rid off  one member of the opposite sex, each person got to block who ever they felt was a threat.


Was banned by the women. They thought she had "attitude".


Was banned by the men. They thought he was cheesy and looked like "sisco".


Shannon blocked her from dating Andy.


Andy blocked him from dating Shannon.


Mandy blocked her from dating Billy


DOUBLE blocked by Billy and Kaya, can't date either Mandy nor Valerie


Ytossie blocked her from dating Taheed


Taheed blocked him from dating Ytossie


Valerie blocked her from dating Andy 

Second Show
Men & Women had to make a decision to get rid off one of the singles.

Banned by men. She was too self centered, and pushy. Only talked about herself. 


Banned by women. He was rude and used vulgar language, smashed up his guitar.

Third Show

Men & Women had to make a decision to get rid off one of the singles.


She decided to leave the show on her own and men did not have to ban anyone, make you wonder what happen on her and Kaya's date.


Banned by the women. Did not make an attempt to get to know the ladies. He said he did not find any of them attractive looks and personality vise.

Fourth Show

No One Got Banned - Block's were removed from all the blocked singles. They are free to date whoever they want.

Fifth Show



Banned by the women. They felt he was arrogant. He said he wanted to go anyway. And made a few rude remarks about Valerie.


Banned by the men. They said he tactics to get dates were to strong. She said it was very hard being kicked off.

Who Shall Be Next ??

At the end of the show. Lisa, Megan, Lawonna, Brit, Venus and Carla were all asked to go home. Only the final 3 selected for "fantasy" dates stayed.

After the women made their final date selections Johnny, Jim, Charlie, Matt, Evan and Greg were all asked to leave the island.